Posted by: davendeb | November 2, 2007

The Countdown Continues.

I feel that I haven’t been writing in my blog as much as I should. When we are in Africa, I guarantee that I will give more regular updates, but even as I write this paragraph now, I wonder what I am going to tell you…..hmmm

To begin with, I will let you in on something that goes through my head daily.

I can’t believe how much needs to be done for this trip!!! Every day, I add another task to the list. It just goes on and on. At times I am quite overwhelmed.

We are giving up our Loft and moving out on November 30th. Our fantastic friends Greg and Jody are kindly letting us crash at there place until we leave. Of course my wonderful family has offered to put us up as well, but they don’t live in Toronto so it wouldn’t work out. We still have to make a living before we go and our jobs hold us here in the city. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just take time off from now until we leave to train, relax and socialize? Ah to dare to dream.

Yes, we will be living the life of squatters for the month of December, bouncing from place to place trying to not inconvenience people too much. But inevitably we will anyway. Brace yourself, here come Dave and Deb.

Right now our place looks like a tornado went through it. We are in the midst of putting everything into storage and I can’t find anything on a daily basis. The more I pack, the more disorganized I become.

And forget about trying to pack for Africa.

In the words of Helen Hunt in As Good as it Gets…..”There is no way to pack for this trip.” I have done my fair share of travel, but I have no idea where to begin when it comes to deciding what to take for a 4 month journey by bicycle. Between all of the spare bike parts, camping gear, camera gear, biking clothes, trekking clothes, travel clothes, maybe a little something nice to wear out once in a while etc., I don’t know what I am going to do. The one thing I hate more than anything, is over packing. Dave and I once made the mistake of travelling through Central America with full Dive Gear in tow. It was not a pleasant experience. Last year when we visited my parents in Florida, we seemed to think that since we were driving down, we could take whatever we want with us. We had way too much and it made me miserable. REALLY, I am a weird minimalist.

On to other news…

We joined a new spinning gym here in High Park and it is fantastic. Did our first “Gravity” class and what a great work out, it really complements the cycling. I am really enjoying spinning again because I can finally go at my own pace. I spent the summer trying to keep up with Dave and now, I feel that I can finally do a proper workout where my heart rate isn’t racing at 90% all of the time.  We bought a one month all inclusive pass again and you know us, we will be there all of the time. Not because we are super motivated people, its because we want to get our money’s worth!

Our fund raising is starting to take off.  Our giving page is working great! click on the icon “donate now” and you are taken to a link to donate directly to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  What a difference it makes.  Thanks to all of the people who have given so generously so far.  Your names are listed on the page!

Our good friends Lorri and Shawn are hosting a fund raising event for us to raise some more money for the Foundation,  and a big thanks to them and all of the people who are coming out.   People have been really amazing and it feels great to be giving to such a great cause.  Hopefully we will be able to visit some of the projects that they are supporting while we are there.  We will have to talk to them about that to see if it is even possible.

So it is going to be a crazy month.  We sent our Sudan Visa Application away today and are hoping that it doesn’t take too long.  We need to get our passports back ASAP so that we can send away for our Ethiopian Visa.  It is a stressful thing to be without a passport.   If they don’t come back in time, we are stuck. The Sudan Visa could take 3 weeks minimum and that will take us to the month of December.  Yikes, only 3 weeks in December until Christmas holidays and we leave on January 2nd. Hope we get them back in time. Everything should be fine, but I have a bad habit of worrying too much.


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