About Tour d’Afrique

Epic bike races inspire visions of elite athletes pushing themselves to limits far beyond normal human capabilities. However, one race stands high above the others as the ultimate test of endurance.
Tour d’Afrique is a 12,000KM road race starting in Cairo, Egypt snaking through the exotic continent of Africa, to where it finally ends 4 months and 10 countries later in Cape Town, South Africa.
Its goal is to raise awareness about bicycles as an alternative means of transportation, to donate bikes to health care professionals in Africa and to promote projects that protect the environment while fostering international goodwill.

”Every year, Tour d’Afrique Ltd donates at least one bicycle per rider to health-care workers in Africa. In the four years since the creation of the company, Tour d’Afrique Ltd in partnership with our participants and groups such as CAP AIDS (Canada) and Leusden Rotary club in the Netherlands have donated over 600 bikes. In 2007, bicycles were donated to organizations in Kenya, Malawi, Namibia and South Africa.”

We believe that using bicycles, as a primary means of transportation, is a major step in reducing the greenhouse gasses produced through motorized vehicles. Given the state of Global Warming we feel that there is no better time to get this message to as many people as possible.
By crossing a continent through pedal power alone, we hope to inspire people at home to get back on their bicycle and prove that it is a viable means of transportation.

For more information and to see how to give to the Tour D’Afrique Foundation, please click on the link below.





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