Our Gear

Here is a list of what we are bringing with us. It is ongoing and we will be adding to it regularly. We know that we found last years blogs had invaluable information to give us an idea of what we need, so we hope to help out future riders with our list.

As the tour goes on, we will let you know what we wish we would have brought and what we wish we would have left at home.

Bikes and Parts
Coming Soon

Camping and Gear – other than the tent, everything is X 2

  • North Face Roadrunner II Tent
  • Z Rest Thermarest full size
  • Half Size inflatable thermarest for extra comfort-we will be sleeping on the ground for 4 months!
  • 3° Celcius down sleeping bags
  • silk sleeping bag liners
  • Thermarest pillows
  • Tek Towels small and large


  • 2 Canon digital elph cameras
  • 1- Canon 10D SLR digital camera
  • 1 -16-35 mm lense
  • 1-28-300 mm lense
  • 1- sony handycam (maybe 2 we are debating)
  • 1-helmet cam (maybe)
  • 1-small ibook computer
  • 1-portable hard drive
  • 1- solar charger
  • 2-GPS (maybe we are not sure if we need them or not yet)

Yes it is a lot, but how do you go to Africa without a great camera and something to store your shots in??


  • 7 -bike shorts each…they suggest 5, but I want 7
  • 5- bike shirts each
  • 7- socks each…maybe a couple more, they are small and our feet are going to smell!
  • a couple of sarongs each for those side of highway nature calls

There is a lot more to add, and we will as we buy more and pack. We have a lot of gear to decide on and I am sure that it will be a huge list.  Look forward to having every detail listed of what will be in our bags!



  1. Hi There

    I know what you mean by equipment. I am riding with you guys this year and have been collecting equipment for some time. Having only a 70l sac to put it all in is the challenge. ..and what about the size of that red box!!! Anyway I look forward to meeting you and enjoying the experience with you.

    Take care
    Jamie MacRae

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